Unit Group

Management Department

Constant attention to the complete operating efficiency of the company. This is the task of Unit Group’s Management Department, which is the only Department that can lead the company along the path to turn vision into action. A path made of planning, doing, checking and acting, which are fundamental elements for building a successful business.

The company’s Departments are guided to perform at the highest level through a system based on advanced planning, where the company’s strategies and targets are perfectly combined with cultural, organizational and methodological evolutions of total quality management.

It is fundamental to focus on a few priority goals, improving each Department’s internal production process, reducing the times and costs involved in the development and processing of statistics on which the improvement will be based. To achieve total quality means to overcome the weaknesses of traditional methods and applications by replacing them with new processes that can ensure the functioning of the system with one goal: internal and external customer satisfaction.

Manager: Fabrizio Olivier

Quality Department

To improve and to reach new goals means to concentrate on and commit oneself to a clear and definite scope and to constantly update one’s point of view and one’s way of thinking in order to become better. Unit Group and its staff are committed on a daily basis to improve the production processes. If it is true that energy comes from the bottom, then excellent results do not come from management, but from work performed directly on the product. In the same way, management is not linked to hierarchy, but to the support of those who are directly involved in the production processes.

To improve means to encourage people to contribute every day with small changes that will become significant, made possible by adhering to the same philosophy. This philosophy places primary importance on creativity for resolving problems and making improvements, which does not only educate people, but also encourages them to go beyond their limits.

The Kaizen philosophy is to “do it better, make it better, improve it even if it isn’t broken, because if we don’t, we can’t compete with those who do.”

Manager: Fabrizio Olivier

Human Resources Department

It is an added value, but also a natural asset of the staff inside the company and its members. This is Unit Group’s Human Resources Department, an important part of the group because it is a source of advantage and competitiveness for the entire economic system.

The costs for this Department are considered an investment with a certain and exponential return. Moreover, its development is the combined result of education, training and practice. Only in this way, it is possible to guarantee continual improvement and constant growth for achieving newer and different goals.

Manager: Veronica Olivier

Marketing Department

Within the scope of continual improvement and of providing a high quality service to customers, the Marketing Department allows Unit Group to learn about and absorb the dreams, wishes, worries and changes of the outside world. Only thanks to on-going and well-defined research it is possible to implement a successful strategy, which can translate itself into careful planning of the activities to be performed and, consequently, into a certain economic profit in terms of time and money.

To focus on the consumer’s dreams and needs: this is the main task of the Marketing Department. In this way, the consumer receives an adequate offer of goods and services, becoming a key figure with which to establish a permanent relationship based on quality, trust and mutual satisfaction.

Manager: Ferlini Massimiliano

Communication Department

The development of a successful strategy, which is obtained using every available tool, is the obvious starting point for the best path towards product quality and continual improvement of the services. A strategy that proved to be a winner right from the very beginning, which however must go hand-in-hand with proper communication.

In this sense, the relationship between strategy and communication is based on inevitable mutual dependency. Without a careful and well-defined strategy, communication would lose its ability to succeed and would appear sterile and an end in itself. In the same way, communication that does not reflect the winning capabilities of a strategy will not be able to bring the desired results.

Manager: Ferlini Massimiliano

Purchasing Department

Purchases are at the base of the life cycle of the business. For this reason, the Purchasing Department plays an extremely important role in Unit Group. The Department coordinates and checks all the activities, paying particular attention to market demands and to the composition of the product range. It oversees the selection of goods and the relative suppliers, guarantees the control of all the commitments assumed, and takes part in defining the budget.

By optimizing costs while keeping quality at high levels allows Unit Group to constantly meet demand, to ensure timely deliveries and payments, upon verification that the agreed terms are fully met.

To change, evaluate suppliers, develop strategies through alliances. This forms the basis of the activities of the Purchasing Department, whose decisions come from an extensive network of information and collaborations. Everything, of course, with an eye on improvement.

Manager: Luca Olivier

International Business Department

To grow means to increase resources and to consolidate one’s business, highlighting the strengths of each member in order to build a more stable group. Today, the need to open the door on new markets is no longer a prerogative of large companies, but a necessary step for anyone who wants to play the leading role on the stage of global economy.

For Unit Group, embarking on new paths represents an exciting and stimulating challenge and, for members, an effective and constant opportunity for improvement and self-assessment. To become part of a global company and to improve our management is undoubtedly a potential for crucial internal and external growth.

The International Business Department stems from this sharing of interests, an expression of common strategies and a means of interpreting the innovative potential of each member.

Manager: Olga Rossi

Accounting Department

A group of people that work together to gather and process important information for management of the business. The Accounting Department also focuses on reducing waste of time and resources by preventing and limiting the repetition of operations by more people.

The activities performed by this Department are of an administrative, financial and supervisory nature: from accounting through to determining the costs and revenues as well as their analysis to improve profits, and a complete and detailed study of monetary flows to optimize their use.

Manager: Francesca Lobosco

IT Department

In a world where constant interconnection and the use of real-time data have become vitally important elements for any company, the IT Department focuses on finding adequate hardware and software solutions to maximize production.The Department works alongside the other Departments by actively contributing to the consolidation of corporate business models, it offers innovative solutions that enable the company to streamline and automate all those processes that slowdown the day-to-day work and it constantly and efficiently protects sensitive data.

In a world where everything is controlled by computers and electronic devices, the IT Department is an important aspect of any company that wants to keep abreast of the times and market.

Manager: Fabio Olivier

Legal Department

An all-encompassing service of highly qualified and specific legal assistance aimed at efficiently and competitively increasing the company’s and every member’s operations. This is the task of Unit Group’s Legal Department, which recognizes the need for entrepreneurs to concentrate on their activities and business. To do this, entrepreneurs need to be able to count on a team of professionals who will help them sort through the complicated legal framework of reference.

The strength of the Legal Department lies in the ability to provide effective solutions for evaluating complicated national laws in order to prevent and solve problems and to achieve the necessary results.

Through the Legal Department, Unit Group offers members a service to manage contractual procedures, with the drafting of customized agreements that meet each customer’s specific needs and requests. The Department also manages and frees up unavailable economic resources, looking after the customers’ needs and periodically checking all the legal documents, thus guaranteeing the constant improvement of the company’s processes and performances.

Manager: Federico D'Arienzo